Things Buyers Want Most in a Condo

What buyers want in a condo

Potential buyers are attracted to condominium units for their convenience and amenities. But what else? How can you get your condo to stand out from the competition? Whether you live in your unit or own it as an investment property, when you’re ready to sell, please contact me. I specialize in selling condos in your area. I would be happy to share my knowledge and expertise with you, and offer the enclosed neighborhood update I’ve created specifically for your community.

Things Buyers Want Most in a Condo

For the individual unit:

  • Views: A nice view of the beach, a pond or anywhere else pleasing to the eye is often on the top of the list for potential buyers. If your unit doesn’t have a great view – don’t worry! There are plenty of other traits buyers are looking for.
  • Parking: Ample and accessible parking are frequently high up on the list of desirable traits when potential buyers are looking for a condo. If your condo doesn’t have the greatest parking situation, again, don’t worry! A nice view or various other amenities often make up for lack of parking.
  • Balconies: Having a unit with a balcony is a very attractive trait to potential buyers. Double points if you’ve got an incredible view to go along with it!
  • Stainless Steel Appliances: Having stainless steel appliances, especially top name brands, is a major selling point.
  • Quality Countertops: Granite, marble or stone countertops are attractive because they are high-quality surfaces that last a lifetime (and will likely help sell the unit again in the future).
  • Cabinets: Glass-door kitchen and bathroom cabinets are high on the list for many potential buyers. But keep in mind, people have their own tastes and preferences. A buyer may still be interested in purchasing your unit, even if the cabinets aren’t their favorite style – they may plan on replacing them with something they like.

For the building:

  • Clean Exterior: A clean exterior building with lush and well-kept landscaping will attract potential buyers to check out your unit.
  • Clean Common Areas: Having well-maintained, clean common areas (such as the lobby, fitness facilities, the pool, etc.) will make purchasing your unit more attractive.
  • Safety Features: Safety is a top concern for buyers, especially those with children. Security cameras and doors are features that put buyers’ minds at ease.
  • Social Activities/Community: If your complex or development has gatherings and activities for its residents, be sure to mention it. If potential buyers are new to your area, living somewhere where they can meet new people can be appealing.

I hope you enjoy receiving my report every other month. I specialize in the representation of homeowners from your community, and believe you deserve access to the most current, objective and comprehensive information affecting the value of your condo. If you require the services of a real estate professional in the future, please allow me to outline how I can exceed your greatest expectations.