Real Estate Negotiations

Things You Can Negotiate In A Real Estate Deal

It is no surprise that the South Florida real estate market these days is one that is truly competitive. Inventory levels are at extreme lows and home prices continue to rise. For many buyers it can feel like there are not a whole lot of options out there. When the…

Fort Lauderdale Aerial Homes

How to Prepare for a Competitive Real Estate Market

The real estate market in South Florida is similar to most major areas across the country where competition is tough for most buyers. Especially in the lower and mid price points there is a shortage of listings and an abundance of buyers all vying for the same properties. So how…

Multiple Buyer Offers

What if You are a Buyer or Seller in a Multiple Offer Situation

Inventory is Low in the South Florida Real Estate Market. What if You are a Buyer or Seller in a Multiple Offer Situation? Real estate in South Florida remains tight with inventory continuing to be slim making it a challenge for buyers to not only find a home, but also…