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INFOGRAPHIC: The Hidden Value of Homeownership

Homeownership does more than build wealth. It impacts you and your family’s lives is many ways. Here are some of the benefits homowners enjoy over renting. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING BUYING OR SELLING PROPERTY, CONTACT ME AT 954-632-5100.


INFOGRAPHIC: Buyer’s Guide to Closing Costs

Buyers should be know all the related costs which they will pay during the home buying process and at the closing table. Closing Costs include charges from the lender such as an Origination Fee or Discount Points, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), Prepaid Interest, an Appraisal fee and a few more….

Common New Home Buyer Expenses

INFOGRAPHIC: Common Expenses for New Home Buyers

When planning on buying a new home, most buyers want to know what their costs will be in obtaining a mortgage, what type of inspection costs can they expect, and explanation of the various closing costs on the settlement statement. All these figures help buyers determine how much of home…


INFOGRAPHIC: 18 Tips to Protect Your Home

If you just purchased a new home or if you are an existing homeowner who would like to protect your home against thefts, fire, and acts of nature, here are 18 steps you can take to improve the safety and security of your home. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING BUYING OR…

Infographic - 20 questions when buying a condo

INFOGRAPHIC: 20 Questions When Buying a Condo

Considering purchasing a condo in South Florida?  Here is a list of important questions to ask and items to research before you decide to purchase a condominium, townhouse, or home in a homeowner’s association. Download the full PDF version of 20 Questions to Ask When Buying A Condo. IF YOU…


How Long Will Your House Last – Infographic

A part-by-part guide to the life expectancy of the pieces and systems in your home. Download this PDF IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING SELLING PROPERTY, CONTACT ME AT 954-632-5100

Broward Real Estate Market - Feb 2016

Fort Lauderdale Housing Market – February 2016

Although January and February are typically the slowest months for real estate, market statistics show an increase in sales activity and median and average pricing. Pending home sales increased 4.9% compared to last year, and 9.3% over January 2016.  Closed sales of all single-family homes increase by 13.1% over February…

Januar 2016 Real Estate Market Broward County


The 2016 housing market continues to follow the 2015 trend, showing more closed sales and higher median & average prices for single family homes.  The reduction in Pending Home sales may be attributed to both the lower amount of homes on the market, and the holiday season combined with winter…

Fist Time Homebuyer Checklist

To-Do List for First Time Home Buyers – Infographic

First time home buyers often feel lost, confused, or unsure where and how to start their path towards homeownership.  In addition to hiring a professional real estate agent, Number 6 on the list, here is a list of plans and decisions every first time home buyer will go through.  You can also…

Home Staging 101

Home Staging 101 – Infographic

One of the best things a seller can do to increase the speed of a sale of their home is to have the home staged.  Whether done by a professional interior designer or home stager, staging involves removing personal clutter, removing or replacing existing furniture, rearranging room layouts, accessorizing and…