Generac Home Generator

Choosing the Best Generator For This Hurricane Season

We are officially in hurricane season now and the severe weather potential will increase purchases of things like fans, portable air conditioners, flashlights and the like. Tropical storms and hurricanes here in South Florida pose the threat of power outages where retailers have difficulty keeping portable generators in stock. In…


INFOGRAPHIC: 18 Tips to Protect Your Home

If you just purchased a new home or if you are an existing homeowner who would like to protect your home against thefts, fire, and acts of nature, here are 18 steps you can take to improve the safety and security of your home. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING BUYING OR…

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Checklist

Every home owner should follow a Home Maintenance Schedule to inspect and repair items around your home.  Owners that periodically inspect their home help keep their maintenance costs low, but discovering problems before they turn into major expenses. The Home Maintenance Checklist below is designed to give you a blueprint…


Target Hardening Your Home – Safety & Security Tips

Increase your security and follow these crime prevention tips to target harden your home.  Target hardening involves initiating steps and efforts designed to make it harder for a crime to be committed and reduces the gains of crime. Target hardening increases the efforts that offenders must expend in the commission of…