Crayon Marked Wall

Tips and Tricks to Remove Stains and Dirt From Your Walls

  By Pat Curry, HouseLogic Clean walls are the best prep you can do for a paint job you won’t have to repeat any time soon You can’t wait to cover up that nasty beige on your walls, but as you take a close look at all the areas you’re…


How Long Will Your House Last – Infographic

A part-by-part guide to the life expectancy of the pieces and systems in your home. Download this PDF IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING SELLING PROPERTY, CONTACT ME AT 954-632-5100

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Checklist

Every home owner should follow a Home Maintenance Schedule to inspect and repair items around your home.  Owners that periodically inspect their home help keep their maintenance costs low, but discovering problems before they turn into major expenses. The Home Maintenance Checklist below is designed to give you a blueprint…


INFOGRAPHIC: Home Maintenance Checklist

Here’s a handy checklist infographic to use in keeping up on home maintenance tasks.  Some can be done annually, while others should be done more frequently.  It’s always important to check your various appliance manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and procedures. Click image to download Full Size PDF.