Florida Condo Impact Windows

When Should I Replace My Windows

5 Signs to Tell Your Windows Need Replacing When it comes to renovating your home, replacing your windows is a project that often gets swept aside until it’s too late. This can end up costing you and your family more money than initially anticipated and put a damper on your…

Generac Home Generator

Choosing the Best Generator For This Hurricane Season

We are officially in hurricane season now and the severe weather potential will increase purchases of things like fans, portable air conditioners, flashlights and the like. Tropical storms and hurricanes here in South Florida pose the threat of power outages where retailers have difficulty keeping portable generators in stock. In…

DIY Home Improvements

Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to Your Home

With the South Florida real estate market being on the rise, many homeowners are interested in ideas for things that increase the value of their homes especially if they can do them on a budget. Certain home improvement projects can be done yourself which will save you more money while…

What Enhances Home Value

INFOGRAPHIC: Factors That Enhance Home Value

Many factors enhance a home’s value. Are you considering buying a fixer upper or looking for the best return on invesment on the home you’re buying? Consider these factors which Realtor.com identified by analyzing millions of sales nationwide. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING BUYING OR SELLING PROPERTY, CONTACT ME AT 954-632-5100.

Remodeled Kitchen That Appeals to Home Buyers

Remodeling Projects That Appeal to Home Buyers

The following interior projects REALTORS® ranked highest to lowest as remodeling projects that would appeal to home buyers (listed along with project estimate costs and the potential return on investment at resale): 1. Complete kitchen renovation Cost estimate: $65,000 REALTORS® estimated cost recovered: $40,000 Percent of value recovered from the…

Home Renovation

Basic Improvements to Make on Your Fixer Upper

There’s always a lot of work that needs to be done when buying a house that needs updates and renovations. As someone who bought a foreclosed condo in horrible condition, I know first hand about the nervousness, inexperience and learning that goes into fixing up a property yourself.  I found…