FEMA Flood Zone Definitions

Definitions of FEMA Flood Zone Designations

Flood zones are geographic areas that the FEMA has defined according to varying levels of flood risk. These zones are depicted on a community’s Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) or Flood Hazard Boundary Map. Each zone reflects the severity or type of flooding in the area. Moderate to Low Risk…

Fort Lauderdale Inlet

Florida Homeowner Insurance 101

The largest annual expense for a South Florida home owner is the total cost for hazard, windstorm and flood insurance. Insurance premiums have risen over the past 10 years, especially in states like Florida. Congress has enacted various legislation to help homeowners mitigate the true cost of insurance in storm prone…

Flood Insurance

How to reduce FEMA’s $250 Flood Insurance Premium Surcharge

After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the U.S. Congress required that flood insurance policy premiums start to reflect more accurate rates covering risk-prone areas, such as the eastern portion of South Florida. ( The Biggert- Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012.) In 2013, insurance premiums skyrocketed and policyholders fought back.  Congress in 2014  reversed…


Broward County Revised 2014 Flood Zones

In early April, FEMA directed insurers that write flood insurance on their behalf to charge rates that were in effect before October 2013, for certain categories affected by the Biggert-Waters Reform Act of 2012 which went into effect on May 1, 2014. This is an interim step to bring relief to homeowners and…


Flood Insurance Relief Proposed by US Congress

. The law is designed to help certain current flood policy homeowners, such as owners of older homes built to code at the time of construction who voluntarily bought flood insurance. Subsequently, new FEMA flood maps placed these homes into a higher-risk zone. The program had subsidized flood insurance rates for…