Moving Boxes Teetering

8 Tips for How to Save Money When Moving

One thing that most everyone knows is that the costs that are involved in moving to a new home can be expensive. Aside from the rental deposits that you put down on an apartment or the down payment and closing costs that are required for a home that you purchase,…

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How to Prepare for a Competitive Real Estate Market

The real estate market in South Florida is similar to most major areas across the country where competition is tough for most buyers. Especially in the lower and mid price points there is a shortage of listings and an abundance of buyers all vying for the same properties. So how…

Common New Home Buyer Expenses

INFOGRAPHIC: Common Expenses for New Home Buyers

When planning on buying a new home, most buyers want to know what their costs will be in obtaining a mortgage, what type of inspection costs can they expect, and explanation of the various closing costs on the settlement statement. All these figures help buyers determine how much of home…

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First Time Buyer – Your One Year Plan

Follow this timeline for a smooth transition from tenant to homeowner. Invest in yourself. ¬†Build equity and wealth. Say goodbye to your landlord. ¬†Just some of the reasons why owning your own home beats renting. And with rent prices continuing to soar, now is the time to start planning to…