Scary Haunted House Showings

Amityville Horror House

.  The responses included strange liquids, specters, and more.  One of the commenters was even a rep for the “Amityville Horror” house!  My favorite is from a Massachusetts agent:

“I had a home on the market that was built in the late 1700s. The seller was putting his mom’s former home on the market, and it was vacant. Every Monday morning, I noticed a drip line running from the countertop across the fireplace to a doorway in the kitchen. I cleaned it up about three times. Finally, I called someone in to take a look at it. Turns out the substance was oil from an old oil lamp. But the house didn’t have any such lamps anymore. One Monday, as I was cleaning the drip line once again, I said aloud, “If you want me to find you a nice new family to live here, you’ve got to stop doing this or you will frighten them off.” The oil never appeared again, and the new owner has never seen it either.”

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