Neighborhood Spotlight – Oakland Park

Oakland Park Aerial Photo

The City of Oakland Park has had a long-standing history of being a destination area. In the 1900’s it had become a hot spot for those looking for a place to vacation as an alternative to some busier Fort Lauderdale proper locations. As a result of this demand we have seen many local businesses set up to accommodate the influx of visitors over the years at a more moderate pace. Today, and particularly in the last handful of years, the focus on enhancing all aspects of the city has really taken off for its growing number of residents.

With surrounding areas of Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors becoming more expensive, many have looked to Oakland Park as a place to settle instead. Namely a more youthful demographic has been moving to the area as opposed to the more historically prominent family profile. As a result, Oakland Park has seen some great changes as it gets injected with this energy.

Many homes are being renovated and sold to accommodate the buyer who is looking for a more affordable home in a great location. One by one, homes are being fixed up by their owners while the city continues to improve the streets, walkways and plantings. Developers are capitalizing on the growth of the area as they fill the demand since a moratorium was lifted last year on smaller scale projects. Many condo buildings, apartment buildings and mixed-use developments are in various stages of being built across the city. This is an exciting time for Oakland Park.

Businesses have been taking advantage of the lower cost to set up shop in Oakland Park as opposed to some other nearby areas. Breweries, coffee shops, gyms and restaurants have been popping up here and there as they all attempt to cater to the more youthful demographic that is settling here. The culinary arts district in particular has been one to watch. This area not only has these types of businesses emerging, but also is host to many exciting neighborhood events regularly in the recently reconstructed Jaco Pastorius Park. Furthermore, there have been discussions of future development of this district over the next handful of years that would build on its popularity as a lively destination.