Making the Most of Your Kitchen

Make the most of your kitchen

The Heart of Your Home

The kitchen is often the centerpiece and most frequently used room in your home. In fact, it’s so important, many buyers may not even consider buying your home if they don’t like the kitchen. However, remodeling or upgrading your kitchen can be expensive. On the other hand, a successful kitchen update can sometimes be accomplished with just a few low-cost changes.

My real estate experience and specific knowledge of your community can help match your budget to any upgrades which may provide a good return on investment. I can provide valuable insight on keeping upgrades in line with the rest of your home and other homes in your neighborhood. If homes in your neighborhood with neat and simple kitchens are selling, it’s probably unwise to consider expensive upgrades such as granite or marble countertops. In contrast, if most homes in your community feature state of the art kitchens, replacing outdated appliances with amenities such as wine coolers and trash compactors could be an excellent investment.

Ideas to Spice Up Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

  • A fresh paint job in the kitchen is a great first step. Cabinets can be repainted or stained for a fresh, new look.
  • Do you have mismatched appliances? Instead of completely replacing them, order new front panels from the manufacturer so all of them match.
  • Bring light into the space by replacing heavy window coverings with lighter ones. Swap dim light bulbs with new fixtures that work well with your kitchen. If you have a country kitchen, install small lamps or if you have a contemporary kitchen, install track or recessed lighting.
  • The counters should be clear of clutter to emphasize a large and clean prepping area. Try embellishing the space with a bowl of fruit, candles, or bottles of gourmet cooking oils.

I specialize in the representation of homeowners from your community, and believe you deserve access to the most current, objective and comprehensive information affecting the value of your home. If you require the services of a real estate professional in the future, please allow me to outline how I can exceed your greatest expectations.