List of Wilton Manors Condos Pet & Leasing Rules


Wilton Manors Couple and Dog

The following list details the Pet and Leasing Rules for condominiums in Wilton Manors, Florida.

This information is presented without warranty or guarantees. Condominium Rules & Regulations frequently change, and rules regulating the leasing of condominium units may also have additional rules & regulations, such as rental caps.

Buyers should contact the association’s management office to confirm all current rules and regulations.

Annie's Castle14YYNoneAfter 1 year1 Month1
Belle Isle60YY3 max.Immediately1 Year1
Casa Sevilla15YYWeight-BreedsAfter 1 year1 Year1
Colonial4NNAfter 1 year1 Year1
Cypress Cove32YYNoneAfter 1 year1 Year1
Enclave at Wilton Manors14YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Footbridge HOA27YY1 dog, 1 catAfter 1 year1 Year1
Grove at Wilton Manors55YY30 lbs.-2 max.Immediately3 Months2
Heron House14YYAfter 1 year1 Year1
Island City Lofts42YYNoneImmediately6 Months2
Lofts of Wilton Manors22YYBreedsImmediately6 Months2
Manor Grove Village I152NY2 max.Immediately1 Year1
Manor Grove Village II152YY20 lbsAfter 1 year1 Year1
Manor Grove Village III80YYNoneAfter 1 year1 Year1
Manor Grove Village IV204NY2 max.After 1 year1 Year1
Marvilla26YY50 lbs.-2 maxImmediately6 Months2
Michloe Villas II4YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Michloe Villas III4YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Old Florida Village Townhomes18YYNo pit bullsImmediately1 Year1
Olivewood30YY15 lbs.-1 maxImmediately1 Year1
River Manor150NY2 max.After 1 year1 Year1
Riverlane24YYImmediately3 Months3
Riverview Waterfront30YYWeight-BreedsAfter 1 year1 Year1
Villa Manors18YY50 lbs.Immediately1 Year1
Westchester Apts4YYWeight-BreedsImmediately4 Months3
Wilton Commons20YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Wilton Crossings8YYWeight-BreedsImmediately6 Months2
Wilton East12NNImmediately6 Months2
Wilton Lake10YYWeight-BreedsImmediately3 Months3
Wilton Park5YYWeight-BreedsImmediately6 Months2
Wilton Place24YY30 lbs.-2 maxImmediately3 Months2
Wilton Station272YY65 lbs.Immediately6 Months2
Wilton Terrace20NNNo leasing
Wilton Village64YY25 lbsImmediately1 Year1
Wilton West10YY20 lbs.-1 max-Owners OnlyAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Windsor Court28YY1 max.-Owners OnlyImmediately6 Months1
Woods, The46YYNoneImmediately1 Year1