List of Oakland Park Condos Pet & Leasing Rules

Oakland Park Dog & Frisbee

The following list details the Pet and Leasing Rules for condominiums in Oakland Park, Florida.

This information is presented without warranty or guarantees. Condominium Rules & Regulations frequently change, and rules regulating the leasing of condominium units may also have additional rules & regulations, such as rental caps.

Buyers should contact the association’s management office to confirm all current rules and regulations.

43rd Street Village6YY20 lbs.Immediately1 Year1
Astra8YYNoneImmediately6 Months2
Azul at Kimberly Lake80YY38 lbs.Immediately1 Year1
Cobble East47YY30 lbs.-2 max.Immediately3 Months1
Coral Lake Tower51NNAfter 1 year1 Year1
Courts at Oakalnd Park230YYImmediately6 Months2
Courtyards at Cimarron106YY20 lbs.Immediately1 Year1
East Side Villas8YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
El Sol at Main Street126YYWeight-BreedsImmediately6 Months2
Finn Court10YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Month12
Lake Emerald536YY25 lbs.After 1 year6 Months2
Lake Pointe380YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Lakes of Oakland Forest136YY50 lbs.After 2 years1 Year1
Lofts of Oakland Forest44YY50 lbs.After 2 years1 Year1
Middle River Homes112YYWeight-BreedsAfter 1 year1 Year1
Oak Park I14YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Oak Park II14YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Oak Park III12YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Oakglen7YYWeight-BreedsImmediately6 Months2
Oakland Grove Village152YY20 lbs.-1 max.After 2 years1 Year1
Pines of Oakland Forest86YY50 lbs.Immediately1 Year1
Pines of Oakland Forest Two42YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Pines of Oakland Forest West206YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Racquet Club of Fort Lauderdale144YY25 lbs.-2 max.After 2 years1 Year1
River Shores230NNImmediately6 Months1
Royal Park671YY2 max.After 2 years1 Year1
Sailboat Pointe376YY2 max.Immediately1 Year1
Three Rivers East98YY30 lbs.Immediately1 Year1
Village Park at Oakland232YY35 lbs.Immediately1 Year1