List of Fort Lauderdale Condos Pet & Leasing Rules

Fort Lauderdale Beach Bulldog

The following list details the Pet and Leasing Rules for condominiums in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This information is presented without warranty or guarantees. Condominium Rules & Regulations frequently change, and rules regulating the leasing of condominium units may also have additional rules & regulations, such as rental caps.

Buyers should contact the association’s management office to confirm all current rules and regulations.

1200 Club45NNAfter 2 Years3 Months1
1353 Holly Heights6YY2 max.Immediately1 Year1
17Th Terrace10YY20 lbs.Immediately1 Month12
33 Intracoastal11YYNoneImmediately1 Day3
350 Las Olas Place163YY2 max.-Owners Only-BreedsImmediately3 Months2
45 Hendricks14YY20 lbs.-2 max.Immediately3 Months4
Adagio On The Bay12YYBreedsImmediately3 Months2
Alhambra Place24YY2 max.-BreedsImmediately6 Months2
Americas-On-The-Park82YY50 lbs.-1 max.-Owners OnlyAfter 1 Year3 Months1
Aquarius15YYBreedsImmediately3 Months2
Aquavita Las Olas22YY20 lbs.-2 max.Immediately3 Months2
Aria At Las Olas12YYBreedsImmediately6 Months2
Artist Colony8YYBreedsImmediately1 Year1
Asoka Condo18YY60 lbs.-2 max.Immediately1 Year1
Asoka Bali East & West13YY20 lbs.-2 max.Immediately6 Months2
Aspen House14YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately3 Months1
Atlantic Beach Villas60NNImmediately1 Month3
Atlantic Ocean Club207NNAfter 1 year6 Months1
Avenue Lofts80YY22 lbs.-2 max.-Owners onlyImmediately1 Year1
Bamboo Villas12YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Barclay Square24NNAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Bay Colony Club640NNImmediately3 Months2
Bay Island Villas16YY25 lbs.-1 max.After 1 Year3 Months1
Bayshore Embassy65NNAfter 1 Year3 Months4
Bayshore Towers (Of Ft. Lauderdale)107NNAfter 1 Year6 Months1
Bayview 324YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Bayview Club6YYWeight-BreedsAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Bayview Colony Village55YY2 max-BreedsAfter 1 Year3 Months1
Bayview Landings12YYWeight-BreedsAfter 2 Years1 Year1
Bellagio48YY20 lbs.-2 max.Immediately1 Year1
Berkeley Square8YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Berkley South200YY20 lbs.-2 max.-Owners onlyAfter 1 Year3 Months2
Birch Crest Apts117NNAfter 1 Year6 Months1
Birch Pointe16YYWeight-BreedsImmediately6 Months1
Birch Square119YN25 lbs.-2 max.-BreedsAfter 1 year1 Year1
Boathouse Of Hendricks Isle12YYNoneImmediately6 Months1
Buckingham, The21NNImmediately1 Year1
Burton Point27YY25 lbs.-1 max-Owners OnlyNo Leasing
Camelot Shores44YY35 lbs.-1 max.After 1 Year1 Year1
Canterbury Apts.20NNAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Capistrano Townhomes18YYNoneAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Capri Courts14YY25 lbs.Immediately3 Months2
Capri West14YYNoneImmediately3 Months2
Caravel Apts.42YY20 lbs.-2 max.After 1 Year3 Months4
Caribbean Townhomes Of Las Olas14YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Carlton Tower128YY15 lbs.-2 max.-Owners OnlyImmediately3 Months2
Carlyle, The80NNAfter 1 year1 Year1
Casa Bayview II6YYBreedsImmediately1 Year1
Casa Bayview III10YYNoneImmediately7 Days4
Casa Del Sol23YY20 lbs.-2 max.After 1 Year1 Year1
Casa Grande11NYImmediately1 Year1
Casa Montalto16YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Casa Victoria5YYWeight-BreedsAfter 2 Years6 Months2
Cascade Falls8YY1 dog or 2 catsImmediately1 Year1
Cascades At Holly Heights22YY2 max.Immediately3 Months2
Cascades Townhomes9YYImmediately1 Year1
Chateau Mar36NNNo Leasing
Chateau Terese Apts18YYWeight-BreedsAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Cinquecento5YY25 lbs.-1 max.After 1 Year3 Months2
Club At Hendricks Isle, The14YYBreedsImmediately6 Months1
Coconut Grove Residences63YY2 max.-BreedsImmediately3 Months1
Colonial Condo12YY2 max.Immediately6 Months1
Colonial Manor72NNAfter 2 Years1 Year1
Commodore Apts.192NNAfter 1 year6 Months1
Continental44NNAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Coral Lake Tower24NNAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Coral Point23YY1 max.-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Coral Ridge Colony32YY20 lbs.Immediately1 Year1
Coral Ridge Country Club20NNAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Coral Ridge East56YY15 lbs.-2 max.Immediately1 Year1
Coral Ridge Landings12YY15 lbs.-1 max.Immediately3 Months4
Coral Ridge Landings II16YY15 lbs.-1 max.Immediately3 Months4
Coral Ridge Place16YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Coral Towers52NNImmediately6 Months1
Coram Gardens Townhouse24YY2 max.-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Corinthian On The Intracoastal155NNImmediately6 Months1
Costa Crest20NNImmediately1 Year1
Country Club Manor30NNNo Leasing
Country Club Towers74NNImmediately1 Year1
Courtyards At Windsor8YY20 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Cranwell House12YY20 lbs.-1 max.Immediately3 Months3
Cressid Commons4YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Cromwell East103NNAfter 1 Year3 Months1
Cromwell West77NNAfter 1 Year6 Months2
Cross Fox271NNAfter 2 years1 Year1
Crossroads16NY2 max.Immediately1 Year1
Crossroads, A Residence12YY20 lbs.-2 max.After 1 Year1 Year1
Cymbrinas Cay8YYNoneImmediately6 Months2
Cypress Anchorage18NYAfter 1 year1 Year1
Cypress Arms14YY20 lbs.-2 max.Immediately6 Months2
Cypress Creek60YYImmediately1 Month12
Devon House12YYNoneImmediately6 Months1
Devonshire32NYAfter 2 Years1 Year1
Diane Terrace10NYAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Dockside Lofts8YY20 lbs.-1 max.After 2 Years1 Year1
Doria, The32NNImmediately1 Year1
Drake Tower143YY20 lbs.After 1 year1 Year1
Du Barry (Melrose East)12YY20 lbs.Immediately6 Months2
Durham Apts32NNAfter 1 Year3 Months2
East Point Towers274NNAfter 1 year3 Months2
East Shore24YY25 lbs.After 1 year3 Months2
East Shore (Tiara)24NYAfter 1 Year3 Months2
East Side 1, 2 & 324YY1 max.Immediately6 Months1
Edgewater House30YY25 lbs.-2 max.Immediately3 Months2
Elegante12YY20 lbs.-1 max.No Leasing
Elizabethan16YY20 lbs.-1 max.Immediately3 Months2
Embarcadero276YY25 lbs.After 2 years1 Year1
Embassy52NNAfter 1 Year6 Months2
Embassy Tower I & II204NNAfter 2 Years1 Year1
Emerald Isles39YY20 lbs.-2 max.Immediately6 Months1
Esplanade On The New River139YY40 lbs.-2 max.Immediately3 Months2
Essex Tower170YYWeight-BreedsAfter 1 year1 Year1
Ethon House16YY20 lbs.After 1 year1 Year1
Europa By-The-Sea50YY50 lbs.-2 max-Owners onlyImmediately3 Months1
Everglades Club44YY2 max.-BreedsAfter 1 Year6 Months1
Fairways At Bonaventure208NN
Falcon'S Lair8YY20 lbs.-1 max.Immediately6 Months2
Finn Villas8YYWeight-BreedsImmediately6 Months1
Fireside Townhomes8YYNoneImmediately6 Months1
Fort Lauderdale Yacht And Beach Club36YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Day365
Forty Ninth Street Townhouses7YY20 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Month2
Foundry Lofts36YY25 lbs.-1 max.After 2 years1 Year1
Fountains On Ocean Boulevard61YY75 lbs.-2 max.Immediately6 Months2
Four Seasons, The80YY2 max.-BreedsImmediately3 Months1
Frances Terrace10NYAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Fort Lauderdale Chateau18NNImmediately1 Year1
Fusion Gardens50YYOwners onlyImmediately6 Months2
Gable Arms31YY30 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Month12
Galleon Apts213NNAfter 1 Year3 Months1
Galleria Lofts48YYImmediately3 Months3
Gallery, The22YYWeight-BreedsImmediately6 Months1
Galt12YY20 lbs.-1 max.No Leasing
Galt Ocean Club215NNImmediately91 Days3
Galt Ocean Terrace136NNAfter 3 Years3 Months2
Galt Towers260NNAfter 1 year3 Months1
Garden View Apts20YY20 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Gardens, The36YYWeight-BreedsImmediately4 Months3
Gateway Arm Homeowners26NY2 max.After 2 Years1 Year1
Germaine Terrace10NNImmediately1 Year1
Golden Eagle23NNAfter 1 year1 Year1
Golfside14YY2 max.Immediately3 Months2
Gulfstream Of Las Olas38YY25 lbs.-2 max.-BreedsImmediately3 Months2
Halibut House10YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Hampton East10NNNo Leasing
Harbor Cove24YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Harbor Haven43NNImmediately1 Month12
Harbor House East30NNAfter 1 Year1 Month3
Harbor View Apts27YY2 max.-BreedsImmediately1 Month12
Harbordale Breezes14YY20 lbs.-1 max.Immediately6 Months2
Harbordale Patios40YY25 lbs.-2 max.Immediately1 Year1
Harbour Oaks Towne Home14YY25 lbs.-1 max.After 1 Year6 Months1
Harbourage Place44YY2 max.-BreedsAfter 2 Years6 Months2
Harwick House36NNImmediately3 Months1
Hawthorne Bay23NYAfter 2 Years3 Months1
Hawthorne Manor30NNImmediately3 Months1
Hemingway Landings21YY2 max.-BreedsImmediately6 Months2
Heritage Landings72YY35 lbs.-2 max.Immediately1 Month1
Hibiscus House15YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Hidden Forest216NNImmediately1 Year1
Hidden Harbor147NY2 max.After 2 years1 Year1
Highland Towers27YY20 lbs.-2 max.Immediately6 Months2
Hilton Terrace24NNAFter 2 Years6 Months1
Holiday Isle Yacht Club29YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Day365
Horizon House98NNImmediately3 Months4
Hyacinth House21YY20 lbs.-2 max.After 1 Year3 Months2
Il Lugano23YYWeight-BreedsImmediately6 Months2
Illini52NNAfter 1 Year3 Months3
Imperial41YY25 lbs.-1 max.-BreedsAfter 1 Year3 Months4
Imperial Point54NNNo Leasing
Imperial Pointe Colonnades552NNAfter 2 years3 Months1
Imperial Pointe Gardens160NNAfter 2 years1 Year1
Imperial Village33NNAfter 2 years1 Year1
Intracoastal 3131YY25 lbs.-1 max.-BreedsAfter 1 Year6 Months1
Intracoastal Riviera39NNImmediately3 Months1
Island Club20YY40 lbs.-1 max.-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Isles At Coral Ridge, The40YYBreedsImmediately6 Months2
J-Mar11YY20 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Jackson Tower Las Olas124YY2 max.-Owners Only6 Months2
Kings Park Gardens149NYAfter 2 years6 Months1
L'Ambiance Beach124YY40 lbs.-Owners OnlyImmediately1 Month2
L'Hermitage I238YY2 max.Immediately3 Months2
L'Hermitage II222YY2 max.Immediately3 Months2
La Cancha43NNImmediately3 Months2
La Casa Del Rio Vista6YY20 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
La Cascade22YYBreedsImmediately6 Months2
La Fontana40YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
La Rive36YYBreedsImmediately3 Months2
La Terrace At Victoria Park10YYNoneImmediately3 Months1
Labelle Harbors30YYWeight-BreedsImmediately34
Lake Estates 4 Unit4YYWeight-BreedsImmediately6 Months1
Lake Shore6YYWeight-BreedsImmediately3 Months3
Lakeridge Gardens5NNAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Lakeview Club443YY50 lbs.Immediately1 Year1
Landings At Las Olas14YYNoneImmediately3 Months4
Landings Harborage A18NNAfter 1 Year3 Months1
Landings, The28YY15 lbs.-1 max.-Owners OnlyAfter 1 Year6 Months1
Las Brisas Villas19YY20 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Las Olas Beach Club148YYBreedsImmediately3 Months2
Las Olas By The River240YY40 lbs.-2 max.Immediately6 Months2
Las Olas Dockside Townhomes8YY20 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Las Olas Grand213YY50 lbs.-2 max.Immediately6 Months1
Las Olas Manor28YYBreedsAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Las Olas River House285YY2 max.Immediately3 Months2
Las Olas Villas40NYImmediately6 Months2
Lauderdale City Center Townhomes I6YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Lauderdale One174YYImmediately6 Months2
Lauderdale Sun Club8NNImmediately6 Months2
Lauderdale Tower124YY25 lbs.Immediately6 Months2
Laurel Terrace12NNAfter 1 year6 Months1
Le Cercle By The Beach91YY60 lbs. aggragate-2 max.-BreedsAfter 1 Year6 months2
Le Club International66YY35 lbs.-2 max.-Owners onlyimmediately3 Months2
Leisure Beach162NNImmediately3 Months1
Leisure Beach South44YY20 lbs.-1 max.-Owners OnlyImmediately1 Month10
Leisure House66YY1 max.-BreedsImmediately3 Months2
Leisure Sands52NNAfter 1 Year3 Months1
Leisure Terrace27NNAfter 2 Years1 Month2
Lucaya60YY70 lbs.-2 max.-BreedsImmediately6 Months2
Maison Blanc On Las Olas4YYNoneImmediately6 Months2
Maison De Mer8YY2 max.Immediately1 Year1
Maracay24NNAfter 2 Years1 Month12
Marina Del Mar54NNImmediately3 Months1
Marina Oaks306YY2 max.-BreedsImmediately3 Months3
Marine Tower153NNImmediately6 Months1
Mark I50YY25 lbs.-1 max.-BreedsImmediately3 Months1
Maya Marca93YY25 lbs.-2 max.-BreedsAfter 2 Years1 Year1
Maybury Mansions312NNAfter 1 year3 Months1
Maynard21YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Month2
Melrose Place24YYImmediately2 Months6
Middle River Gardens6YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Middle River Manor10YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Middle River Towers41NNAfter 1 year1 Year1
Middle River Villas48YY2 max.Immediately3 Months1
Mill, The34YY55 lbs.-2 max.Immediately1 Year1
Mira Lago Townhouses48YYNoneImmediately6 Months2
Montclair Gardens60NNAfter 1 year1 Year1
Monticello17NNAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Mooring Of Pine Crest, The27NY2 max.Immediately3 Months2
Morningstar16NNImmediately1 Month12
Nautical Towers35NY1 max.After 1 Year3 Months1
Nola Lofts52YY50 lbs.-2 max.Immediately4 Months3
Northeast Heights38YY1 max.-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Norwich19YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Nuriver Landing409YYNoneImmediately6 Months2
Oak Tree Garden16YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately6 Months1
Oakbay5YYImmediately3 Months2
Oakland East Manors30YY60 lbs.After 1 year1 Year1
Oakland Hills16YY25 lbs.-2 max.Immediately1 Year1
Oakland Shores216YY20 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Month1
Oasis Falls12YY70 lbs.-2 max.Immediately6 Months2
Ocean Bay Club88YY30 lbs.Immediately8 Weeks2
Ocean Garden24YYWeight-BreedsImmediately6 Months2
Ocean Manor A192YYWeight-BreedsImmediatelyNoneNone
Ocean Riviera203NNAfter 1 year4 Months1
Ocean Summit229NNAfter 1 year1 Month4
Oceanage, The180NNAfter 1 Year3 Months1
One Wilton Place16YY25 lbs.-2 max.Immediately3 Months3
Orchid Apts6YY25 lbs.-2 max.Immediately1 Year1
Palma Vista16YY1 max.Immediately6 Months2
Palms On Venice10YYWeight-BreedsImmediately3 Months2
Palms, The194YY2 max.-Owners OnlyImmediately3 Months2
Panama Club10NNAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Park Courrt23YY25 lbs.After 1 year1 Year1
Park Place19YY15 lbs.-1 max.After 1 year6 Months2
Park Ridge Apartments10YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Park Ridge East Apts28YYImmediately6 Months1
Park Ridge North20YY20 lbs.After 2 years1 Year1
Park Tower68YY2 max.-BreedsAfter 1 Year6 Months2
Parkside Villas8YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Parkside Villas II10YY25 lbs.-1 max.After 1 Year1 Year1
Patio, The24NNAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Pier 4124YY25 lbs.-2 max.Immediately1 Year1
Pilot House116YY25 lbs.-2 max.-Owners OnlyImmediately3 Months1
Pine Crest Village I At Victoria Park139YY40 lbs.-2 max.-Owners OnlyAfter 1 Year3 Months2
Pine Crest Village II At Victoria Park116YY40 lbs.-2 max.-Owners OnlyAfter 1 Year3 Months2
Place Des Arts10YY1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Playa Del Mar370NYAfter 1 year1 Year1
Playa Del Sol370NNAfter 1 year1 Year1
Plaza 1580NY2 max.After 1 Year1 Year1
Plaza East266NNNo Leasing
Plaza South336NNImmediately3 Months1
Poinsettia Heights Place4YYNoneAfter 1 year1 Year1
Poinsettia Landings60YY2 max.-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Point Of Americas577NNAfter 1 Year6 Months1
Port, The129YY2 max.-Owners Only-BreedsImmediately4 Months3
Porto Venezia10YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately3 Months2
Portofino-On-The-Intracoastal52YY25 lbs.-1 max.-BreedsImmediately3 Months2
Portside Yacht Club40YYNoneImmediately6 Months2
Presidentials Of Broward20YYBreedsImmediately6 Months2
Prima Villa6YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Quarterdeck, The8NYImmediately1 Year1
Reflections Of Las Olas14YY35 lbs.-1 max.After 1 Year1 Year1
Regency Tower203NNAfter 1 year185 Days1
Regency Tower South203NNAfter 1 year185 Days1
Ridgeview Towers68NY2 max.After 1 Year4 Months1
Rio Grande Yacht Club4NNAfter 1 Year6 Months1
Rio Nuevo A40YY20 lbs.-1 max.No Leasing
Rio Nuevo B40YY20 lbs.-1 max.No Leasing
Rio Nuevo C41YY20 lbs.-1 max.No Leasing
Rio Nuevo D50YY10 lbs.-1 maxAfter 2 Years1 Year1
Rio Villas Of Coral Ridge13YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Rio Vista Townhomes8YYNoneImmediately6 Months1
River Bend35NNAfter 1 Year3 Months1
River Landings31YY50 lbs. 1max.Immediately1 Year1
River Reach574YY20 lbs.-2 max.-Owners OnlyAfter 2 Years6 Months1
River Terrace49NNAfter 2 years1 Year1
River's Bend31NYAfter 1 year3 Months1
Riverbend Condo16NYAfter 1 Year6 Months1
Rivercrest Apts25NNImmediately1 Year1
Riverside12YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Riverside Park4YYNoneImmediately6 Months1
Riverside Villas8YYWeight-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Riverview Garden Apts77NY2 max.No Leasing
Riverview South29YY15 lbs.-1 max.-Owners OnlyImmediately6 Months1
Riviera Park52YY25 lbs.-1 max.After 1 year1 Year1
Royal Ambassador214NNAfter 1 year3 Months1
Royal Arms12NNImmediately1 Year1
Royal Lauderdale Landings29NNAfter 2 Years1 Year1
Royal Mariner96YY15 lbs.-1 max.-Breeds-Owners OnlyAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Royal Plaza14NNAfter 1 Year6 Months1
Runaway Bay Apts93NNAfter 2 Years1 Year1
Sapphire Fort Lauderdale172NNImmediately1 Month2
Sausalito Gardens5NNImmediately6 Months2
Sea Breeze II20YY30 lbs.-1 max.Immediately6 Months2
Sea Ranch Club722YY20 lbs.-2 max.-Owners onlyImmediately4 Months3
Sea Ranch Lakes North203YY20 lbs.-2 max.-Owners onlyImmediately4 Months3
Sea Ranch Villas61NNImmediately3 Months2
Seasons, The134YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately3 Months3
Seaway Court12YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Seven East16YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately7 Months1
Sevilla Courts23YY20 lbs.Immediately6 Months2
Shore Club192NNAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Sky Harbour East173NNAfter 1 Year6 Months1
Sole At Fort Lauderdale243YYNoneImmediately6 Months2
South River Manor14YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Southdale23NNImmediately1 Year1
Southpoint400NNAfter 2 years1 Year1
Southport Square8YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately6 Months2
Southport Townhomes29YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately6 Months2
Springbrook Gardens18NNAfter 1 Year1 Month1
Starlight Towers117NNImmediatelyNone2
Strada 315117YY2 max.-Owners Only-BreedsImmediately3 Months2
Summer Lake272YY2 max.-BreedsImmediately1 Year1
Sunrise East93YY25 lbs.-2 max.-Owners OnlyAfter 1 Year4 Months1
Sunrise Tower101NNAfter 1 year6 Months1
Sutton Place30YY20 lbs.Immediately6 Months1
Symphony North187YY35 lbs.-2 max.-BreedsAfter 1 Year1 Month2
Symphony South151YY35 lbs.-2 max.-BreedsAfter 1 Year1 Month2
Tara Apartments28NNNo leasing
Tara East16NYNo leasing
Tara West16NYNo leasing
Tareyton14YY25 lbs.-1 max.After 1 Year6 Months1
Ten At Victoria Park10YY50 lbs.-2 max.Immediately6 Months2
Tennis Club Davis - 670 Tennis Club24YYWeight-BreedsImmediatelyNoneNone
Tennis Club Johnston - 660 Tennis Club32YYNoneImmediatelyNoneNone
Tennis Club Lenglen - 650 Tennis Club24NNAfter 1 year6 Months2
Tennis Club McLoughlin - 640 Tennis Club24YYNoneImmediatelyNoneNone
Tennis Club Outerbridge - 630 Tennis Club32NNAfter 1 year1 Year1
Tennis Club Tilden - 620 Tennis Club24YYWeight-BreedsAfter 1 year3 Months2
Tennis Club Wingfield - 610 Tennis Club24NYNoneAfter 1 year1 Year1
Tennis Club II - 701 NW 1965YY30 lbs.Immediately1 Year1
Terraces Of The Isle14YY20 lbs.-1 max.-Owners OnlyImmediately6 Months2
The Hemingway At Victoria Park12NYOwners OnlyImmediately3 Months3
Tides At Bridgeside Square246YYImmediately3 Months3
Top Of The Mile South63NNNo Leasing
Townhouses Of Harbor Beach27NNImmediately1 Year1
Tradewinds By The Sea59NNImmediately6 Months1
Tropical Garden10YY35 lbs.-1 max.After 1 Year1 Year1
Tudor Manor26YY50 lbs.-2 max.-BreedsImmediately6 Months1
Tuscan Villas106YY25 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Twelfth Court Townhouses10YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Twenty-One Twenty-One Condo16YY2 max.-Owners OnlyImmediately3 Months1
Vantage View175NNAfter 1 Year2 Months1
Vela Vista9YYNoneImmediately6 Months2
Venetian237NNAfter 1 Year7 Months1
Venezia Las Olas50YY50 lbs.-2 max.-BreedsImmediately3 Months2
Venice Isle Tower20YY20 lbs.-1 max.After 2 Years1 Year1
Victoria Courts15YY20 lbs.-1 max.Immediately6 Months2
Victoria II10YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Victoria Palms18YYNoneImmediately3 Months3
Victoria Park Garden28YYBreedsImmediately3 Months3
Victoria Park Tower112NNAfter 1 Year3 Months1
Victorian, The8YY30 lbs.-1 max.Immediately1 Year1
Villa Contessa5YYNoneImmediately6 Months2
Villa Medici118YY2 max.-BreedsImmediately6 Months2
Villa Sun Ray23YY30 lbs.-1 max.Immediately6 Months1
Village at Harbour Beach96YYImmediately6 Months2
Village At Sailboat Bend42YY3 max.Immediately3 Months2
Village East264YY40 lbs.-2 max.Immediately3 Months2
Villaggio Di Las Olas24YY25 lbs.-2 max.-BreedsImmediately6 Months2
Villas At Lakeview176YY40 lbs.-2 max.Immediately1 Year1
Villas Las Olas11YYNoneImmediately1 Year1
Villas Of Sunset Lakes, The7YYNoneImmediately6 Months2
Villoresi Luxury Residences4YY20 lbs.-1 max.-Owners OnlyImmediately3 Months2
Vista Del Sol7YY20 lbs.-1 max.-Owners OnlyImmediately1 Month12
Vista Las Olas7YYNoneImmediately3 Months4
Vue, The157YY50 lbs.-2 max.-Owners OnlyImmediately3 Months3
Warwick140NNAfter 1 year1 Year1
Watergarden315YYImmediately3 Months3
Waterside on the Intracoastal60YY20 lbs.Immediately3 Months4
Waterview11YY2 max.Immediately6 Months2
Waverly At Las Olas304YYBreedsImmediately7 Months1
Wayne House30NNImmediately6 Months1
Wedgewood Court11NNImmediately1 Month12
Wellington51NNAfter 2 Years3 Months1
Westchester House38NNNo Leasing
White Egret160YY20 lbs.-1 max.-BreedsAfter 1 Year6 Months1
Williamsburg18NNAfter 1 Year1 Year1
Wilshire East46NNAfter 1 Year6 Months2
Wilton Shores East42NNAfter 2 Years1 Year1
Windsor30NNNo Leasing
Windsor Square11NNImmediately9 Months1
Winston House46NNNo Leasing
Wisteria Court46YYImmediately6 Months2