To-Do List for First Time Home Buyers – Infographic

First time home buyers often feel lost, confused, or unsure where and how to start their path towards homeownership.  In addition to hiring a professional real estate agent, Number 6 on the list, here is a list of plans and decisions every first time home buyer will go through.  You can also download the free To-Do List for First Time Home Buyers.

  1. Save
  2. Improve your credit score
  3. Calculate what you can afford
  4. Get mortgage approval
  5. Decide what you want in a home
  6. Hire a Realtor®
  7. Visit homes
  8. Narrow choices
  9. Make an offer
  10. Schedule home inspection
  11. Make final walkthrough
  12. Close and move in!

Fist Time Homebuyer Checklist