5 Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

Staged Homes Sell Quickly

Once you have arrived at the decision to sell your home, the clock begins ticking. It is common in the Fort Lauderdale real estate market these days that you will locate your new home first and then you will need to move quickly to sell your existing home. Selling it quickly will ensure that you won’t have the stress of carrying two homes at the same time. A big part of this will be listing it at an appropriate price, but you will also have to pay close attention to other crucial, physical details. For example staging your home has been proven to sell homes more quickly than those that are not. However, if your budget is limited and you cannot afford to do much, here are some helpful tips that can help you sell it faster.


Decluttering all rooms and starting a thorough cleaning can be done yourself and doesn’t cost. This includes all rooms in the house, storage closets and garages. The cleaner and more organized a room or closet is, the larger it appears. Pay close attention to these problem areas as well – countertops, table tops, exposed shelves and carports.

Arrange the Furniture

If you cannot afford professional staging, then work with what you have. Sometimes you don’t even need additional items and you can simply tweak what you already own. Take a step back and look at each room to see if there is a good flow. Sometimes rearranging furniture for a better “look” than how it functions for your personal needs can really make a big difference.

Set the Table

Another great trick is to set your dining table. Nothing makes a guest feel more welcomed than adding an inviting dinner table setting. Get out the placemats, flatware and dishes for each seat. You can even go the extra mile with a centerpiece or runner as well for a nice finishing touch.

A splash of color and life

Bring a little life inside your home from the outdoors. Fresh flowers can be a great way to do this. You can simply pick some up at your local grocery store and place them in major focal areas like kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms. Colorful bowls of fruits and vegetables can also be a great idea for the kitchen or a centerpiece for your dining table.

Get in the buyer’s mindset

It can be tough to have a discerning eye for your own home as you see it every day. Try to think like a prospective buyer who will be seeing if for the first time and look at all of the details. Are your blinds clean or do the ceiling fans need to be dusted off? Check all of your windows to make sure they are clean and free of streaks and smudges.