5 Things Homeowners Want in Outdoor Space

A recent survey conducted by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens reveals that more than 82% of homeowners want amenities in their outdoor living spaces that they didn’t have prior to the pandemic. 90% of homeowner say that outdoor living spaces are more valuable than ever before.

What we are doing more outdoors:

  • Relaxing 53%
  • Grilling 49%
  • Gardening 41%
  • Playing with Pets 39%
  • Exercising 27%
  • Dining 27%
  • Entertaining 26%
  • Playing with Kids 21%

The 2021 Outdoor Living report identifies these 5 high in demand outdoor spaces:

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen was classified as “very important” by 65% of homeowners between 35 and 44.  The change in lifestyle habits has placed an increase desire in spending time at home with family and friends. With an outdoor cooking area, homeowners can entertain, cook and socialize all in one space without being separated inside.

Outdoor Kitchen

Fire Pits & Outdoor Heating

Outdoor heating, such as fire pits and fireplaces, are also a high priority item for homeowners. In addition to providing warmth during colder nights, these elements also provide a design element and a feeling of peace and tranquility to and outdoor space.

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Bars

The survey revealed that just under half of homeowners feel an outdoor bar is an important feature.  This feature is essential for the consummate entertainer. Add an outdoor TV and you have a perfect space for watching sporting events, concerts, or just hanging back with family and friends.

Outdoor Bar

Comfortable Deep Seating

This is the most important feature of homeowners outdoor space. 83% of respondents want plentiful seating that is comfortable and weathers the elements. Having a few separate outdoor seating arrangement is ideal, such as sofa and loveseat combination, a separate area with a dining table, and lounge chairs for sunbathing, reading outdoors, or an afternoon nap.

Outdoor Sofa

Swimming Pool

Homeowners in areas where the climate is always warm, like Florida, over half of homeowners want a pool.  With many choices now available, from plunge pools to an extravagant pool oasis, they also add great value to your home.

Swimming Pool with Outdoor Living area