4 Types of Mortgages

4 Types of Mortgages for Homebuyers

Obtaining a mortgage loan is a vital step in buying a home.  When it comes to mortgage financing options, you can be overwhelmed on the one to choose. If you take time to research property financing options, you’ll save both time and money. Here are some types of mortgages you…

Housing Market Trends

April 2021 Broward Real Estate Trends

April was another strong month for home sales. The busy spring market continues to see many multiple offer situations driving sales prices above asking price. With such strong activity, by the time a property sale closes, the market may have already moved higher than that sold price suggests. Such markets…

Specialized Home Inspections

12 Types of Home Inspections To Guide You When Buying a House

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, 84% of homebuyers include a home inspection in their purchase contract. Standard home inspectors can provide detailed reports on the condition of your dream home. However, additional inspections may be necessary depending on how old, the location, and the condition of the…

Get the House of Your Dreams

Get the House of Your Dreams With These 4 Simple Tips

Picture this. You’ve been house hunting for a while. At this point, you’ve seen so many properties that the houses are blurring together. And if you had a t-shirt for every “Been there, done that.” moment you’ve encountered during walkthroughs, you would have to buy a bigger closet. But then…

Home Maintenance

What is a Home Maintenance Inspection?

Every homeowner knows that their home needs proper maintenance to ensure everything is in good condition and working properly. One way of ensuring your home is in great condition is scheduling regular inspections to detect broken installations and equipment that need repair or replacement. Periodic inspections ensure that your home…