Housing Market Trends

January 2021 Broward County Real Estate Market

January started off strong for the housing market, with healthy buyer demand and strong market fundamentals. A robust increase in housing starts in December points to an active year for new construction, but higher material costs, especially lumber, and a limited supply of buildable lots will temper the number of…

Most Common Inspection Flaws

10 Most Common Flaws Found During Home Inspections

In a study of more than 50,000 residences, here are the top 10 defects found during home inspections: 54.9% Doors need adjusting/servicing 54.8% Faucets and shower heads need servicing 54.5% Exterior caulking/sealant missing 53.7% Outdoor or light switch problems 48% No circuit breaker protection (GFCI) 45.1% Missing or defective smoke…

Preparing for a Home Inspection

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

If home is empty, leave utilities on and pilot lights lit. Make sure electrical sockets, light fixtures, switches and fans work. Confirm smoke and carbon monoxide detectors operate. Check that faucets and toilets run properly and don?t leak. Clean stove and over so they won?t smoke and set off alarm…

Reduce Home Strains - Quick Fixes

Reduce Home Strains with These Quick Fixes

KITCHEN Clean your dishwasher filter to increase the longevity of your appliance. Make sure your smoke detector works and the batteries are fresh during a time when you’re cooking more often at home. BATHROOM Check under the sink manually for leaks or add a smart sensor to monitor them in…

Homebuyer Incentive Tips

Homebuyer Incentive Tips

Sellers who are looking for ways to attract more buyer attention, or keep interested parties attracted, have the option of adding some “extras” in the form of homebuyer incentives. As your Realtor, we will work together to discuss if homebuyer incentives, and which ones, may work for you. As a…

Stress-Free Home Sale

Stress-free Home Selling Experience

Let Me Provide You with the Stress-free Home Selling Experience You Deserve Many of us love the idea of a new home, but not the selling and moving process. It can be difficult to prepare your house for sale and keep it in “showing” condition, while also scouting for your…

I Love Being A Realtor

I Love What I Do

What are the current real estate trends in your community? What are the latest prices, and what’s the pace of sales compared with last year? As a homeowner, you may have heard many different answers regarding these questions in the past. In any form of business, it can be a…

Negotiating Skills Brings Top Dollar

Negotiation Experience Can Bring You Top Dollar

My Negotiation Experience Can Bring You Top Dollar AND Peace of Mind. If you were to sell your home today, how much would it be worth? Do you have a price in mind? Setting your ideal asking price is only a small step toward selling your home. My understanding of…

What buyers want in a condo

Things Buyers Want Most in a Condo

Potential buyers are attracted to condominium units for their convenience and amenities. But what else? How can you get your condo to stand out from the competition? Whether you live in your unit or own it as an investment property, when you’re ready to sell, please contact me. I specialize…

Home Staging for faster sale

Make Your Home Appeal to as Many Buyers as Possible

Studies have shown professionally staged homes sell for an average of 10% more than non-professionally staged homes. My professional experience can help inspire buyers’ imaginations by highlighting your home’s strengths and unique features compared to other homes for sale in your community. Proper staging isn’t interior design or decorating; it’s…